New York, September 13, 2018

MG Capital Announces Partnership with Online Investing Platform CrowdStreet

MG Capital, the premier real estate private equity investment manager specializing in Manhattan luxury residential properties, announced today a partnership with CrowdStreet, the largest commercial real estate investment marketplace providing over 40,000 individual investors direct access to institutional-quality commercial real estate investments. CrowdStreet users will now be able to invest in MG Capital Fund IV through CrowdStreet’s online marketplace.

“Crowdfunding is a growing segment of real estate investing and we are thrilled to be affiliated with such an expansive platform as CrowdStreet,” said Eric Malley, Founder & CEO of MG Capital. “Through our partnership, we will be able to offer our institutional-quality investment products to a wide range of individual retail investors looking to diversify their personal portfolios with real estate investments.”

The partnership will enable CrowdStreet investors to hold an equity interest in recurring rental income streams derived from hundreds of MG-AAA rated, fair-market corporate tenants, through a passive real estate investment that is 100% collateralized by debt-free, residential properties. In addition to following a debt-free strategy, MG Capital utilizes time-tested predictive analytics to select investments and ensure consistent year-over-year growth. Its adherence to a debt-free, data-based investment approach coupled with its corporate tenant model eliminate many of the traditional risks associated with residential real estate investments.

"At CrowdStreet, we exclusively work with leading sponsors on commercial real estate offerings that meet our strict marketplace requirements to provide our investors with institutional-quality options," said Ian Formigle, Vice President of Investments at CrowdStreet. "As a tenured sponsor with over $1B in transactions, we are pleased to partner with MG Capital on their first CrowdStreet marketplace offering."

Today, MG Capital® is the largest owner-manager of debt-free individual luxury properties in Manhattan. The firm has executed more than 400 transactions in the Manhattan residential real estate market on behalf of four debt-free private equity funds and two separate account investment vehicles. Last spring, the company announced plans to deploy $5 billion over the next five years to acquire an additional 2,200 properties in Manhattan, making it a leader in the luxury residential market segment. The firm is also focused on providing the 12 million accredited investors in the U.S. the opportunity to preserve and grow their wealth while delivering returns that have outpaced the S&P 500 by a ratio of 4:1 for the past 11 years.

About CrowdStreet

CrowdStreet is the premium provider of online commercial real estate investment marketplace, technology and professional services. Investors can directly access institutional-quality commercial real estate offerings with CrowdStreet’s online investing platform. For CRE developers and operators, CrowdStreet Connect provides a platform to manage investors and investments, and to raise capital to grow their businesses.  CrowdStreet maximizes opportunities for investors by diversifying outside of the traditional avenues of the stock market, better distributing risk and fundamentally transforming real estate investing through technology. Together, we are creating a community where individual investors and CRE firms are working together to maximize wealth through commercial real estate. The CrowdStreet senior leadership team has 120+ years of combined experience in real estate, technology, online marketing and private equity. For more information, please visit

About MG Capital®

MG Capital® is the premier private equity real estate investment manager specializing in Manhattan luxury residential properties across. MG Capital’s unique, debt-free investment strategy allows individuals and families globally to hold an equity interest in recurring rental income streams derived from hundreds of MG-AAA rated, fair-market corporate tenants, through a passive real estate investment that is 100% collateralized by residential properties. Since the year 2000, the firm has pursued a disciplined investment strategy and strong focus on proprietary analytics for selecting real estate investments that has led it to become the largest owner-manager of debt-free, luxury residential properties across Manhattan. 

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